Spring Dumpster Day - Saturday, May 18

8am-12pm (or until the dumpster is full)
If the dumpster fills before 12pm a notice will be posted on
Facebook and Nextdoor

Lois Lenski Elementary School parking lot
In order to dump items, you must have made a RHNCA donation for 2019 (our fiscal year ended 3/31/19). Suggested donation is $30-$50. Donations are tax deductible.
  • Accepted Items: Please bag or bundle all materials; Do not pack bags or bundles more than forty (40) pounds; Please cut all long pieces of material to lengths no longer than four (4) feet; Make sure items are from the below list of accepted items as items not accepted will be left.


  • Type of Materials Accepted: Landscape/Yard Materials- Limbs, yard clippings, leaves, Wood, mulch, etc.; Construction Materials-Wood, drywall, windows, doors, decking, carpet, flooring; Metal Materials Small appliances, metal flashing, metal furniture, household metals; Household Waste Household trash, furniture, linens, clothes, toys, bikes, play equipment (broken down into 4’ pieces).


  • Type of Material Not Accepted: Landscape/Yard Materials-Concrete, brick, block, dirt, large stumps, fertilizers, chemicals, rocks; Construction Materials-Concrete, bricks, paints/ stains, Chemicals; Metal Materials - Refrigerators, freezers, A/C units, any appliances with freon, lawn mowers; Household Waste- Hazardous or bio-hazardous waste, needles, syringes, hot tubs; Automotive-Tires, car/truck batteries, vehicle fluids, motor oil plastic bottles, windshield glass, TV’s.

Civic Assocaiton Mission: Neighbors helping neighbors.


The Ridgeview Hills North Civic Association (RHNCA) is voluntary organization whose official goals are to work together for changes and improvements such as neighborhood safety, beautification, and social activities. We reinforce community integrity through education and community support. When neighbors gather for a common purpose, they are more likely to unite to solve problems and take pride in their property.


If you are interested in learning more about how to serve your community and/or serve on the RHNCA Board please contact RHNCA Chair, Jessica Fann: ridgeviewhillsnorth@gmail.com


We look forward to meeting you around the neighborhood!



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