Everything you need to know about your Civic Association:

Civic Association (CA): An affective type of organization whose official goal is to improve neighborhoods through volunteer work by its members. Civic organizations operate throughout the County and many form on a regional basis. Interested individuals may join on a voluntary basis in order to participate in the group's activities. Those activities include everything from social functions to political activism. Many civic groups serve the important function of providing a collective voice to issues that affect their communities. Group leaders communicate directly with government officials and the media to influence many types of governmental decisions and policies. Government officials often rely on views expressed by leaders of civic groups as an indication of the public sentiment.


Is the Ridgeview Hills North Civic Association (RHNCA) an HOA? NO. 


Does Ridgeview Hills North have covenants? We used to. However, they have expired and are no longer valid. Luckily, most of them were outdated and all of the pertinent ones are upheld by city of Centennial code. 


What are the membership requirements of RHNCA? 100% voluntary. We ask for a minimum of $30 annually, but this is voluntary. 


Civic duty: The responsibilities of a citizen


Dues: The paymenty of dues to a civic association is strictly voluntary






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