Volunteer Opportunities

The Ridgeview Hills North Civic Association is seeking volunteers for the following:



Event Coordinator
Coordinate and oversee all events.  Work with the Volunteer Coordinator for event volunteer needs. Help assure the board meets contractual responsibilities in regards to sponsors at civic assocation events.


Volunteer Coordinator
Work with Event Coordinator for event volunteer needs. Maintain volunteer lists with information provided by Database Manager. Work with Communications Directors to promote volunteer needs and opportunities. Manage Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. 

Zone Reps for zones 2, 6 & 8

Job Description: Deliver newsletters quarterly, be a point of contact for assigned zone and share information about news and events relevent to our community. Attend Civic Assocation board meetings and events, volunteer at events.
You do not have to live in the zone you represent. Zone Map



Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Job Description: Help a neighbor in need.  Can you: mow a lawn, shovel a walk, make a meal, drop off a baked good, check in on a neighbor, drop off flowers or a welcome gift, etc. When a need arises, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to see if you are able to help.

For more inforamtion or to volunteer for any of the above opportunities, please send an email to ridgeviewhillsnorth@gmail.com.


Event Volunteer
Job Description: The Civic Association hosts approximately 12 events each year.  Day-of volunteer help is needed at many of these events and can include: event set-up and clean-up, bringing supplies (tables, coolers, serving trays, tents, trash bags, etc.), staffing a booth (games, face painting, bounce house, etc.)


Interested in helping? Several weeks prior to events Sign-up Genius links for Event Volunteers will be posted below.


Day of event volunteers are needed to help with the Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 12th:






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